APS film is scanned at approximately 2465 x 1406 pixels in a standard scan or approximately 5535 x 3043 pixels in a high resolution scan and is saved as a jpeg file. If the Upload option is selected, you will receive an email with a link to download a .zip file that contains all the images from your roll. For orders with more than one roll, you will receive a separate email and .zip file for each roll. Files will be available for download for 7 days.

For vintage film printing, Dwayne’s uses the print size that best corresponds to the “ideal aspect ratio” for that type of negative. Using the ideal aspect ratio minimizes cropping from the original negative. Please be aware that the printing process always results in a small amount of cropping from all four sides of the negative. The chart below shows what print size is made for each type of vintage film.

126 Film processing options

All orders for film processing are billed a standard shipping and handling charge of $5.00 for the first roll and $0.50 for each additional roll. Additional charges may apply if expedited shipping options are selected. For further information about shipping click here.

APS Color Film Processing

Processing Type
Scanning Options
Delivery Format
Delivery Format
Develop Prints
4x6 Prints
5x7 Prints
Push/Pull Custom Processing

If you'd prefer to order by mail you can download a printable order form PDF at the link below, or see all order form here.
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