Started from humble beginnings

How we started?

Founded in 1956, Dwayne’s Photo has been a leader in the film processing industry for over 60 years. Owing to the passion and stubbornness of our founder, Dwayne’s has always been a leader in misfit and neglected products in the photographic industry. We love processing old and rare films, and have built our legacy around being the last in the industry to do it. 

It was this same spirit in 2010 that gained Dwayne’s international notoriety as the only lab on earth to process Kodak’s famed Kodachrome film. These events were later featured in Netflix’s movie Kodachrome. 

Today the company is run by Dwayne’s two grandsons, Josh and Derek. Under their direction, we are proud members of the film renaissance that is taking place. Our goal is to inspire new photographers to take up shooting film and to support those who never stopped. 

If you’d like to work with us, send us your film, or just chat about the industry.

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