Dwayne’s offers processing for Ektachrome (E-6 process only) movie film. Processing is available for Ektachrome 16mm 100D (7285) film in both 100 ft. and 400 ft. lengths.

One hundred foot 16mm rolls are returned on the camera spool in the original plastic box. Four hundred foot 16mm rolls are returned on a core in the original metal can.

All orders for film processing are billed a standard shipping and handling charge of $5.00 for the first roll and $0.50 for each additional roll. Additional charges may apply if expedited shipping options are selected. For further information about shipping click here.

16mm Movie Film Processing

Film Length
Prepare for Telecine

If you'd prefer to order by mail you can download a printable order form PDF at the link below, or see all order form here.
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