Slide Film Processing

Dwayne's offers processing for Ektachrome and other E6 process compatible films.

Please note: Kodachrome processing ended Dec 30, 2010. We were the only remaining Kodak certified processor of Kodachrome in the world. We know of no other resource to process Kodachrome film in color.

We also offer processing for discontinued types of slide film including E-6 126, 110 & 127 film. See Discontinued Film Processing for details. We offer push and pull processing for E-6 film. 

Processing for Ektachrome 64T and 100D movie film is also available and detailed here. 

Service Times for Slide Film

The service time is 3 business days for standard processing and one week for push or pull processing.  35mm film is mounted in cardboard mounts that have the frame number and the month and year impressed into the mount.  The slides are returned in a storage box. All other film types are returned sleeved and unmounted.

Information about Push & Pull Processing

Push or pull processing is adjusting the processing time or temperature of a film to attempt to compensate for the film being either under or over exposed. For example if you shot a roll of 200 speed film at 800, pushing it two stops would approximately compensate for the film being under exposed. Please be aware, anytime a film is pushed or pulled some color shifts will occur.

E-6 Push & Pull

Push up to 2 stops in 1/2 stop increments
Pull up to 1 stop in 1/2 stop increments  

Push or pull processing is a charge in addition to the regular film processing charge and is billed at $5.00 per roll, with a maximum charge of $100.00 for an order. 

Slide Film Processing
E-6 135 24 Exposure
E-6 135 36 Exposure
E-6 Push/Pull
E-6 120
E-6 220
Scan to CD at time of processing
$4.95 per roll

• All exposures on the roll are scanned at high resolution (6.5 MB in size) and written to a single CD. Scanning is only available from standard 35mm, 120, or 220 formats.

Same Day Rush Processing is available for an additional $20 per roll, with a maximum rush fee of $100 per order.

All orders for film processing are billed an additional shipping and handling charge of $5.00 for the first roll and $0.50 for each additional roll. Additional charges may apply for sales tax or overnight shipping.  Please see the order form for details.

Kodachrome Film Status:   The last day of processing for all types of Kodachrome film was December 30th, 2010.