Information about Photo Restoration

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Dwayne's offers photo restoration in a two tiered approach: simple and complex.  In both cases, your original photograph is returned unaltered.    We scan your original photograph and then our experienced artists use Adobe Photoshop to restore it. You receive a 5x7 print of the restored photograph along with a CD containing the restored file in Tiff format. Additional prints can be ordered at the same time by using the Reprints from Color Negatives Order Form.

Simple Restoration

In a Simple Restoration you can have any or all of the following done:

  • Remove Red Eye
  • Remove Date and/or Time
  • Remove Mole or Acne
  • Remove a Few Light Scratches or Spots in the Background
  • Improve the Color Balance or Contrast

Click Here for Before and After Examples of Simple Restorations

Complex Restoration

Complex Restorations are those that require repairs beyond what is listed in the simple category.  Examples are removing a person or object, repairing multiple tears or scratches, reconstruct missing areas of a photograph or adding a person or object to a photograph. 

Click Here for Before and After Examples of Complex Restorations

Photo Restoration Pricing
Simple Restoration
Complex Restoration

*All Photo Restoration orders incur a $5.00 shipping and handling charge. Additional charges may apply for sales tax or overnight shipping.  Please see the order form for details.