Overview of Services

Slide Film Processing

Processing for E-6 film 35mm, 120 and 220.

Processing for Discontinued Film - Disc, 126 & 127

Processing for color, black and white and slide film that is no longer manufactured.  This includes all Disc film, 126 and 127 film in C-41, E-6 and black and white processes.

Color Film Processing

Processing for current types of color film including: 35mm, APS, 110, 120 and 220.

Movie Film Processing

We process Ektachrome movie films that have become available since 2005: Ektachrome 64T (Super 8), Ektachrome 100D (16mm), and Ektachrome Regular 8.

Reprints, Copies, Enlargements and Posters

Get prints made from color or black and white negatives, slides or prints in sizes from wallets to 30"x45" posters.

Black & White Film Processing

Processing services for current types of black and white film including: 35mm, APS, 120 and 220.

Photo Restoration

Services for restoring old or damaged photos or enhancing and improving current ones.