Ektachrome Movie Film Processing

Dwayne’s offers processing for Ektachrome (E-6 process only) movie film. We process Ektachrome 64T Super 8 (7280) and Ektachrome 100D Super 8 (7285). Processing is also available for Ektachrome 16mm 100D (7285) film in both 100 ft. and 400 ft. lengths. Processing is also available for E-6 compatible Double 8 film. Double 8 is also referred to as Regular 8 or Split 8. Same day rush processing is available for an additional charge. Super 8 film is returned on a reel. Double 8 is also returned on a reel. One hundred foot 16mm rolls are returned on the camera spool in the original plastic box. Four hundred foot 16mm rolls are returned on a core in the original metal can. In addition to the film processing charge, all orders are billed a shipping and handling charge of $4.50 for the first roll and $0.50 for each additional roll.

Ektachrome Movie Film Processing
Film Type Service Time Price
Super 8, 50 ft. 3 Days $12.00
Double 8, 25 ft. 3 Days $12.00
16mm, 100 ft 3 Days $29.00
16mm, 400 ft. 3 Days $101.00

Additional Movie Services

All the services described below are billed in addition to the standard film processing charge listed in the table above.

Push/Pull Processing

Push or Pull processing is offered for Ektachrome movie film for an additional fee.

Rush Processing – Same Day Service

Rush processing is available for an additional $20.00 per roll. The maximum rush charge is $200.00 per order. Each 400 ft. roll of 16mm will be counted as four rolls when determining rush processing charges. Rush orders will be processed and shipped back the same day they are received. Rush processing does not include overnight shipping. There will be an additional charge if overnight shipping is required. Additional charges may apply for sales tax.

Prepare for Telecine

We offer a prep for telecine service for $2.00. We will splice up to 8 rolls of 50ft Super 8 per reel, or up to 4 rolls of 100ft 16mm and return it on a single reel for telecine transfer. To receive this service, please indicate you would like your rolls “Preped for Telecine”.