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Movie Film Processing & Transfer Services

How long will you continue to process Kodachrome film?
How can I pay for my order?
What do I need to send with my order?
How do you determine if a scratch was caused in the lab or in the camera.
How do I pay with credit card?
How will you ship my processed film back to me and how much will shipping cost?
Where can I get my Kodachrome film processed?
My film is scratched, what happened?
How do you maintain the highest quality processing standards for Kodachrome film?
Do you process these movie films? EM26, EM25, G160, E160, Kodachrome, color negative or black and white movie films?
Where can I buy the Ektachrome film that replaced the Kodachrome film?
Where can I buy Kodachrome film?
What is prepping for telecine and why would I want that?
How long will it take you to process my Super 8 Ektachrome?
Do you PUSH or PULL process and how much does it cost?
Do you process film from customers outside the U.S. (International Customers) ?
Do you prep for telecine and how much does it cost?
How long have you been processing Kodachrome film?
How long will it take you to process my 16mm Ektachrome 100D once you receive it?
How do International (Outside the U.S.) customers pay for processing?

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