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How should I package my film?
How can I pay for my order?
What do I need to send with my order?
Do I have to print out an order form?
How can I pay for my order?
How do I pay with credit card?
What address do I use to send my order to you?
Where can I buy slide film?
do you develop nude photos?
Do you offer Push or Pull processing services?
Are my negatives returned with photo prints?
(1) How do you charge return shipping for let's say a roll of 35mm B&W film processed without prints and no cut to strips or 6 frames per strip preferred? (2) USPS carrier (preferred)? (2) Any difference for returning a box of framed 35mm slides or 120/220 film processed only? (3) Will you provide a standard packing for all returnings?

I want to send multiple film types that have different order forms (Color negative & B&W) together, how should I compute shipping?
What chemicals do you use to develop black and white film ?
And what paper do you use to print them ?
Do you offer develop and print for HALF FRAME 35MM film? If so, what is the price? Thank you!
Is the 16mm film you sell single or double perf?
Do you offer gift certificates ?

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